Dr. Orly Yaroslavsky, founder of Your Clinic for women, holds a degree in psychotherapy specializing in post-trauma, is a certified EFT therapist, and mentors women in Israel and abroad. She has a doctorate in the sciences and a Master's degree in Business Administration.

Dr. Orly Yaroslavsky helps women to overcome pain and the barriers that have been restricting them and preventing them from reaching the place where they want to be.

Using special therapy methods that she has developed, which combine deep, supportive emotional work with practical tools, Dr. Yaroslavsky's clients are able to overcome everyday difficulties and challenges and create for themselves a new and better reality.

The therapy enables the woman to look deeper and to understand that it's okay, that the range of complex emotions that women experience throughout their lives has a place. Through therapy, they learn to accept these emotions, to work with them and grow.

Who can benefit from the therapy?

Every day, Dr. Orly Yaroslavsky meets, in her clinic or on Zoom, women who have made a courageous choice to put themselves in the center and to effect a meaningful change in their lives. Women struggling with anxieties, emotional stress, loneliness, crises, mental exhaustion, trauma, depression, relationship difficulties change of life and other age-related crises, career challenges, and turning points in their lives.

Many independent women, women in prominent positions, still have an inner voice that tells them "you're not good enough, try harder." Therapy can give them the emotional tools to overcome challenges, improve their performance and increase their success, while enhancing the quality of life that comes with confidence, tranquility and inner balance.

Dr. Orly Yaroslavsky's personal journey

During the three decades of her professional career, before founding Your Clinic, Dr. Orly Yaroslavsky worked in a number of senior management positions in education, including school principal, head of a municipal education department, developer of innovative educational programs, and supervisor in the Ministry of Education.

In every one of the positions she held, Dr. Yaroslavsky tried to strengthen women in their professional and personal development, to understand what was preventing them from achieving success, and to help them find the confidence that would allow them to advance and rise to new heights that they had not thought themselves capable of reaching.

She experienced a turning point in her personal life and in her worldview when she realized that the main focus of a woman's life is not her intellect, but her emotional side – there lies the key to changing a woman's reality.

In recent years, Dr. Orly Yaroslavsky has been fulfilling her life's purpose, using her management and therapy experience to establish a clinic for emotional therapy and mentoring for women. In her work at the clinic, she helps women to change their perception of life – "It is what it is" – and to realize that there's more, that there is a path to a better reality.

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Dr. Orly Yaroslavsky
Mentoring and emotional therapy for women